Information for High School Counselors

As a high school guidance counselor, you play a major role in helping your students realize their college dreams and potential. We’ve gathered important information that can help you help your students successfully apply to ǿմý.

Our Priority Application Deadline is December 15

While we will continue to review applications on a rolling basis, December 15th is our priority deadline for scholarship and Honors Program consideration. This allows us more time to review applications for the Full Tuition Scholarship Competition held each year in early February.

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Admission Procedures at ǿմý

How can students apply to ǿմý?

December 15: Encourage your students apply by this date for priority application status for scholarships. This is also the priority application date for the Honors Program.

ǿմý is a participating institution of the Common Application. Students can complete the Common App online.

ǿմý accepts students on a rolling admission basis. Students will be notified of a decision within 2-4 weeks of their application file being complete.

What are all the pieces of a complete ǿմý application?

What are ǿմý’s admission criteria?

Admission to ǿմý University is based on a student’s overall potential for academic success. Decisions are made after a holistic review of grades earned through the junior year as well as other criteria, including ACT or SAT scores, application essay, activities and involvement, and guidance counselor recommendation.

ǿմý places more emphasis on the academic transcript, as we believe it is one of the best indicators of student success and college preparation. Each student is also considered for the unique talents and contributions he or she will offer to the ǿմý community.

Do any programs have additional application criteria?

YES. Admission to the Osteopathic Medicine early assurance program has additional academic requirements. Theatre and Music require an audition and Art requires a portfolio review. Additional details are available from the Office of Admission.

Do any programs have additional enrollment criteria?

YES. Admission to the Athletic Training, Education, Honors, and Nursing programs have additional academic requirements. Additional details are available from the Office of Admission.

When can student expect to hear about whether they’ve been accepted?

ǿմý begins accepting students on November 1. If a student’s application is complete, it is usually reviewed in about three to four weeks.

What important ǿմý dates and deadlines should I put on my calendar?

August 1: Application open through Common App

November 1: ǿմý begins mailing admission decisions.

December 15: Students should apply by this date for priority application status for scholarships. This is also the priority application date for the Honors Program.

Mid-January: Notification for Financial Aid Award packages mailed.

February 15: FAFSA priority filing date. ǿմý’s FAFSA code is 003110.

March 1: General Application Deadline

May 1: National Decision Deadline. Students should submit their $150 enrollment fee to guarantee their place in the Class.

Important Forms & Information for Guidance Counselors

What is ǿմý’s academic profile?

GPA range: 3.35 to 3.99*
91% of accepted students have a 3.0 GPA or better
65% have a 3.5 GPA or better
ACT range: 20 to 26*
SAT range (CR & M): 960 to 1210*

*Scores represent middle 50% of accepted students.

Read our Test Optional Admission & Financial Aid Policy for additional information about the ACT and SAT.

What are ǿմý’s codes for sharing test scores and FAFSA?

FAFSA: 003110

ACT: 3318

SAT: 1597

Where can I find ǿմý’s financial aid estimator?

Financial Aid Estimator

ǿմý’s Financial Aid Estimator helps student predict the type of aid they might receive. Students can enter their test scores, GPA and some other basic financial information, and they’ll get an estimate of the aid package they will likely be offered.

Students can explore how varying test scores affect their aid package to determine if it might be worth taking the ACT or SAT once more.

Where can I get recommendation forms?

High School Counselor Recommendation Form
Recommendation letters or forms should be completed as part of the Common Application, can be emailed to, or can be mailed to:

ǿմý University
Office of Admission
1 South Grove Street
Westerville, OH 43081

Where can I find International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement information?

ǿմý recognizes and grants credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate coursework. For more information, see the .

What academic support and disability services does ǿմý offer?

Learn more about the Academic Support Center and Disability Services that ǿմý offers its students.

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